About Sadrok

About Sadrok

Hi! My name is Francois. I go by the online name of Sadrok.

Ever since I was a small boy I used to tinker with things, break them open to see how they tick (and then give up struggling to put it back together again). My first computer was a 286 PC – not a particularly grand introduction to the world of computer tech – and it didn’t take me long to “break” it by scratching where a normal user wouldn’t scratch.

These days I don’t care too much about running the latest and greatest computer hardware (over and above what I need) and I’m out of touch with the PC tech as it is. My interest shifted to the low-level workings of computers and electronics. Electronics has become an, often neglected, hobby of mine, but I keep on working at it because it fascinates me how a person can make things do stuff. The sky’s the limit (although the budget puts a damper on that).

I’ve studied after school and obtained a BSc degree in Computer Science and Information Technology a few years ago. I’ve dabbled in software programming but never had any direction (lack of ideas). I’m a quick learner and can easily pick up the reigns again when it comes to programming/databases/etc.

I’m currently employed full-time by an international petrochemical company which has a factory in my hometown. I’m working as an artisan instrumentation mechanic – I basically maintain and fault-find process instrumentation installations in a plant that extracts and creates chemical byproducts. Some of my work also involve working with factory control systems – my experience so far mostly focused on Siemens PLC systems.

I’ve created sadrok.com as a personal thought and idea dump hoping that it can be useful to other people. I’ll be posting mostly about my interests and hobbies: Electronics, (electronic) music creation, 3D modelling, etc.

Please feel free to contribute through comments (as long as I keep them open) and questions (I’ll answer if they don’t overwhelm me).

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Regards, Francois